Knead2Dance offers education and entertainment, coaching and consulting, products and perspective, blending the best of bodywork, partner dance, and relationship coaching – mixing multiple modalities of massage, movement, martial science, and many other methods of enhancing your health, wellness, functional fitness, and ability to connect, move, and relate with more ease, grace, comfort, confidence, and pleasure.

Stress, pain, imbalances, and all sorts of other common “problems” are often addressed – with suggestions for correction – with a focus on what works, fits, and is most appropriate for YOU, your life, and current circumstances.

Knead2Dance draws from an incredible assortment of effective therapeutic techniques and proven approaches to take care of and better integrate body, mind, and emotions; identify, access, and make the most of available assets and resources; improve health and relationships; optimize performance; look and feel better; and have fun in the process!

Knead2Dance offers value for every need, budget, and situation.

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