10 Things You May Not Know About the AH1N1 Vaccine

August 22, 2009
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#1 – Swine flu vaccine production was “rushed” – without testing on humans.

#2 – The swine flu vaccine contains dangerous adjuvants that cause an inflammatory response in the body. This is why they are suspected of causing autism and other neurological disorders.

#3 – The swine flu vaccine could actually increase the risk of death from swine flu by altering (or suppressing) immune system response. There is NO evidence that even seasonal flu shots offer any meaningful protection for people who get them. Vaccines are the snake oil of modern medicine.

#4 – Doctors still don’t know why the 1976 swine flu vaccines paralyzed so many people. There has been no reassurance that the current vaccine will not cause the same devastating side effects.

#5 – The U.S. government has granted drug companies complete immunity against vaccine product liability. Even if the swine flu vaccine kills you, the drug companies aren’t responsible. Drug companies have no incentive to make safe vaccines, because they only get paid based on quantity, not safety (zero liability).

#6 – No swine flu vaccine works as well as vitamin D to protect you from influenza. That’s an inconvenient scientific fact that the U.S. government, the FDA and Big Pharma hope the people never realize.

#7 – Even if the swine flu vaccine actually works, you don’t need one – especially if most people around you get vaccinated (because the flu won’t spread through the population you hang around with).

#8 – Drug companies are making billions of dollars from the production of government ordered swine flu vaccines. That money comes out of your pocket – even if you don’t get vaccinated – because it’s funded by taxes you pay.

#9 – If people start to die in larger numbers from the swine flu, many will be people who got the swine flu vaccine. Doctors will explain this away with their typical Big Pharma logic: “The number saved is far greater than the number lost.” Of course, the number “saved” is entirely imaginary and exists only in their own minds.

#10 – The swine flu vaccine centers that cropping up all over the world in the coming months aren’t completely useless: They provide an easy way to identify large groups of really gullible people.

If lotteries are a tax on people who can’t do math, then flu vaccines are a tax on people who don’t understand health.

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