Home Is Where the Heart Is

November 26, 2009

Physically our hearts are inside us. Our primary “home” (and “residence”) is (within) our physical bodies. In that sense, it is only possible to be “homeless” while we (our hearts) are out of our bodies. To a large extent this is also true regarding our attention.

Home” is an emotional word – referring more to how we feel than to a place. There is a big difference between a house and a home. Wherever we lay our hat may be our home – or not. “Home” is a relationship. We may feel “at home” WITH some people regardless of WHERE we are. The converse is also often true. It’s often less important WHERE we are than WHO we are WITH. Either way, what really seems to matter is how we feel about it.

Many people say, “everything is energy” – and that an “e-motion is energy in motion”. Emotions and breathing are the “bridges” between our mental and physical worlds. Our thoughts may provoke emotions, but our bodies and physical senses evoke emotions. We FEEL our emotions.

Changing what we think and believe isn’t always easy – since we are seldom even aware of most of our subconscious mind’s interpretation of things – and it’s influence over us. A physical experience requires no thought (or mental “programming”) at all.

Our emotions more often follow our actions than precede them. Our posture and facial expressions are not reflect how we feel, they affect how we feel. So does most of what else we do. We do not run because we are afraid; we are afraid because we run. We do not run because we are chased; we are not chased because we run. Running is good exercise, but can also evoke all sorts of emotions – that may or may not “empower” (or “motivate”) us. Whether we stand our ground or walk/run away is less important than how and why we do it.

Most people’s natural reaction to stress is to fight, flee, or freeze. Better would be to BREATH – and then CHOOSE what to do. “Following” our heart is not always easy – especially when it is beating really fast. But not doing so is like nobody being “home” – especially when what we choose what to do.

The ABCs of basic human life support require an open Airway with adequate Breathing and Circulation.

I’m not sure where I want to take this line of thought, so I’m going to take a break, a “breather”, and a walk. Hopefully after I “catch my breath”, and check in with how I feel (in my heart), I’ll have something more to say.

In the meantime, feel free to post comments regarding what I have written (so far).

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