Suggested Self-Talk, Emotions, and Characteristics

June 1, 2009

Here are 9 auto-suggestions, affirmations,, or declarations that support creating wealth. Try them out and let me know if/how saying them to yourself affects your thinking, life, and wallet/bank account.

1. I create my own economy.
2. Money is a tool that I use to create value, assets, and wealth.
3. I deserve wealth – and give myself permission to create (and enjoy) wealth.
4. I appreciate, bless, and am grateful for everything in my life.
5. I am personally responsible for creating all the value (that results in all the wealth) in my life.
6. I become wealthy to the degree that I help other people become even more wealthy.
7. I create as much value as possible in every situation whether I am paid for it or not.
8. I appreciate every challenge and setback as a lesson in my development.
9. Owning more stuff only wastes my time, creates (more) hassles, and takes me off track in my life.

Emotions are sometimes called e-motions or energy in motion. Here are 6 “emotions” to consciously cultivate – especially if you want to create “wealth” (which is MORE than just money and assets):

1. Desire
2. Responsibility
3. Commitment
4. Optimism
5. Gratitude
6. Faith

The main thing that stops people…is stopping. Adopting an attitude, the emotions, and an outlook of inevitable “success” are key components is achieving it. Keep going! A lot of people have their greatest success shortly after their greatest failure – because they kept going, learned, believed, and didn’t give up.

Unstoppable people:
1. Devote themselves to their true purpose.
2. Follow their heart’s passion.
3. Believe in themselves and their ideas.
4. Prepare for challenges.
5. Ask for help and build a support team.
6. Seek creative solutions.
7. Persevere, no matter what the challenges.

Integrity is aligning your thoughts, words, and actions (with what is “right” – for you and the world). Forgive yourself for broken promises (to yourself) and resolve to become a person you and others can trust, believe in, and rely on.

The world is (eagerly) waiting for YOUR (unique and valuable) contribution.

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