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September 24, 2009

Health care (insurance) “reform” – and who and how they will pay for it is being debated in the US Congress, in the news, and around the country. What is NOT being even addressed though are most of the underlying reasons that there is a problem to begin with.

First of all, we don’t HAVE a “health care” system; we have a SICK care system – run for profit by pharmaceutical and insurance companies. Simple/basic “preventive” health care practices are both less expensive and more effective for both potential “patients” and health care “providers” than treating injuries, diseases, and conditions that no longer can be ignored. There is also NO correlation between actual “costs”, what is charged, and how much gets paid.

Many Americans stay at jobs they hate (which is not good for anyone, let alone healthy) mainly for “health benefits” – that mainly benefit the companies collecting health insurance premiums. What is covered and how much is paid out is almost always much less than what people think. Most people would actually be better off (financially) just having a medical savings account and paying out of pocket than relying on insurance coverage – and they’d be better off physically if they “invested” more time and money on healthy habits (like eating, sleeping, and exercising) than depending upon (expensive, addictive, and usually unnecessary) medications (that just as often make things worse rather than better).

Diabetes is apparently now considered the biggest “drain” on the American medical system. It is directly connected to the Standard American Diet – which is SAD. The USDA Food Pyramid (that purports to show proper percentages of what to eat) was created as a result of special interest group lobbying – by the grain, dairy, and meat industries. It is actually a RECIPE for diabetes – and along with portion size and sedentary lifestyles, the reason that Americans are among the most obese and unhealthy in the world. Food is abundant and low in cost compared to many other countries – but MOST of what is sold and consumed in the U.S. isn’t really “food”. There is a reason that food and drugs are administered by the same government agency. Drugs and other chemicals are major ingredients in what we call “food”.

Consider corn – which is now an ingredient in almost all processed “foods”. Corn consumed in its current (mainly genetically modified) form is a leading contributor to many diseases and conditions – including diabetes. Corn is also being designed for use as a delivery system for (permanent) “birth control” and various vaccines – that most people would not want or take if they knew what they were getting. Avoiding corn may not be possible (for those who eat meat) since it is fed to almost all livestock (including fish and poultry) – along with antibiotics and growth hormones.

Corn, soy, wheat, and many other foods the American diet is now based on are among the reasons so many Americans are fat, sick, getting shorter, unable to think clearly, and lacking “energy”. Who benefits from this? Not average Americans – or even “health care” providers. Agribusiness, insurance, pharmaceutical companies, and BANKS are the main beneficiaries – by DESIGN.

If there is to be any REAL debate or “reform” in this country, it will HAVE to address things like why a few industries have the power, control, and profits they do.

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