The Way People Move is the Way They Are

November 25, 2007
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A person’s mind creates the structure, and patterns the movement, of their body.

Everything that happens to us is stored and reflected in our bodies. Our bodies know – and our bodies tell.

One of the most consistently effective ways of changng human behavior is not through the mind, which inclines to self-deception, but via the somatic route, the physical self. Touch rather than talk. The body reflects the attitude of the mind – and may be used as a subliminal route of communication with the brain. Improving the function of the body also improves the state of mind.

While it’s more important to do the “right” things than to do things “right”, it is also often better to improve the WAY we do things than what we do. How we do something is often how we do everything – and thus more important than what we do.

Until we know what we are doing, we cannot do what we want. Whether we do it “right” or not, until we know what we’re doing we are not (really) “right”. Most people go through their whole life not knowing how to sit, stand, or walk “properly”. They can sit, stand, and walk, so that’s enough. They do everything just well enough to get by.

I facilitate learning, not treatment. I teach movement, imagery, and body awareness along with a combination of hands-on bodywork and exercises. I don’t just massage or manipulate bodies; I educate people. I help people learn to make better use of their bodies and brains so they can feel and function better. I teach people to take care of themselves.

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