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About Oren
Oren’s background
Martial Arts Experience


Bodywork / Health

Holistic Health Modalities
Bodywork Rates
Styles of Bodywork
[EFT / Tapping]

Face & Body Reading

Feng Shui

[Cellular Health]

Emergency Medical Care
Emergency Action Steps
Legal Issues
Feet, Shoes, Women, and Heels
High Heels are NOT Healthy
[Orthopedic Info]

Dance / Movement / Fitness
[Annual Dance Events]

Partner Dances
Bachata Footwork Syncopation
[Bolero / Rumba]
Cha Cha
[Foxtrot / Quickstep / Country TwoStep]
Mambo / Salsa
Salsa Pattern Variations
[Nightclub TwoStep]
[Paso Doble]
[Rumba / Bolero]
[Swing / Shag / Hustle / Lindy / Charleston / Balboa / Jitterbug / Jive]
[Zouk / Lambada / Kizomba]

La Clave
[Dance Music]
[Dance Partner Wanted]
[Dance Products]
[Dance Resources]
[Dance Venues]

Social Dance Etiquette
Social Dance Etiquette Explained
Social Dance Floorcraft

Social Dance Instruction
Dance Instruction Rates
[Dance Instructors]
Latin Dance Performance Teams
K2D YouTube Dance Videos
Foot Positions

Martial Arts
Martial Arts of the World
Martial Science

[Functional Fitness]

Relationships / Coaching
People in Your Life
How to Impress People
Questions to Consider
Accelerated Teaching & Learning
Core Needs
Orbiting In Love
What’s Your Love Story?
Love Story Indicators
Your Ideal Life – with Another
Ten Rules for a Successful Relationship
Note to Women
Terms of Endearment
Women and Words
Men and Words
50 Mistakes women make in bed
Axioms of Sex Appeal
Considering Marriage
Sex Can Get Better With Age
Looking For Love (On Line)
Relationship Attributes
Sexual Chemistry
Sexual Signals
The Nature of Love
Making a Baby
50 Least Desirable Qualities
50 Most Desirable Qualities

What Type Are YOU?
Personality Typing Systems
1 Type
2 Types
3 Types
4 Types
5 Types
6 Types
7 Types
8 Types
9 Types
10 Types
11 Types
12 Types
13 Types
14 Types
15 Types
16 Types
21 Types
25 Types
26 Types
44 Types
64 Types
66 Types

[Beauty / Fitness]

Products / Resources
Elements For Life
iMRS (PEMF Therapy)

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