Coming out of the Dark

July 2, 2011

Leaving a light on is not the same as letting your own light shine. (more…)


Less Chips, More Salsa

July 1, 2011

Chips aren’t just for potatoes – and they go well with far more than just fish. The same is true for salsa. (more…)


More Than a Metaphor

April 21, 2011

Dancing is (the physical and emotional expression of) a relationship. (more…)



March 7, 2011

In the Game of Hands (Rock-Paper-Scissors), and open hand always beats a closed one. The same is also true for hearts, minds, and almost everything else in life. (more…)


Going Bananas

September 3, 2010

Bananas are among the most widely consumed foods in the world. Bananas are botanically classified as berries of large herbaceous flowering plants native to tropical southeast Asia and Australia. First domesticated in Papua New Guinea, bananas are now grown in 107 countries around the world and are a staple starch for many populations. The top ten banana growing countries in the world are: India, Uganda, China, Philippines, Ecuador, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, Cameroon, and Tanzania – with the top exporters being Ecuador, Costa Rica, Columbia, Philippines, and Guatemala.

The expression “going bananas” come from the effects that eating fermented bananas can have on the body, brain, and behavior – of both monkeys and men. (more…)


Not All Social Contact is Appreciated

May 5, 2010

Partner dancing should be considered a (social) contact sport. Some dances (and/or partners) require, encourage, or allow more contact than others – but the contact is meant to improve the connection between partners – and not injure or interfere with other couples. If people drove their cars the way many seem to dance, there would be a lot less people (alive) on the road. (more…)


Follow My Lead

April 14, 2010

Partner dancing (in many forms) is finally gaining popularity (again) – in bar rooms, ballrooms, dance halls, saloons, restaurants, studios, and even television. What sometimes seems to overlooked is that what makes partner dancing unique and special (from dance in general) is NOT the dancing but the partnership (required). (more…)


Holy Wholesome Health Habits

March 23, 2010

“Well-ness” is not merely the lack of “dis-ease”, illness, or injury. Rather than avoiding what is not desired (and measuring what we want as an absence of what we seek to be “free” of), it would be better to focus on (doing what it takes for) being healthy, well, and at ease. (more…)


Relationship Status

February 18, 2010

People’s primary relationship will, by default, always be with themselves – but most status options on forms and websites do not include or care about variations in “quality” or experience – merely the structure. To be “in” a relationship (or marriage) does not really say much about the relationship itself. (more…)


The Relationship Between X and Y

January 26, 2010

X and Y have a relationship – the nature of which often varies (depending upon who and when you ask – and what (variables) X and Y represent. Other letters of the alphabet are used in mathematics, genetics, and many other (human) sciences, but X and Y are the most commonly used when it comes to expressions of relationships (of any kind). You’ve probably heard women talk abut their “ex” (boyfriend/husband/partner) and men talk about their “why” (for almost everything except their own blame – especially after relationships end). (more…)