Face & Body Reading

Face reading is a 2,000 year-old science that accurately describes a person’s inner true nature by looking at his or her facial features. Our hidden potentials, gifts and life lessons are manifest for all to see in our faces! Face Reading will help you maximize your positives and minimize your negatives!

Our repeated thoughts and emotional responses gradually step down to be recorded in the soft tissue of our faces. Every facial feature, from the jaw shape to the contour of the ears, the hair color and texture, and the alignment of the teeth all mean something to the trained eye.

Over two thousand years ago the Chinese developed an intricate system of facial analysis which helped them to accurately assess the character and destiny of individuals. They used this art to select their emperors. So specific and accurate was their system that it has lasted for centuries in Europe and the East as a guideline for understanding ourselves and the true meaning of those around us.

The face understood through the wisdom of physiognomy (face reading) is a record of inner emotions and life events. The over 250 muscles of the face, which individually form and change as one heals from within, reflect the nervous system of a person, his/her health, temperament, disappointments, and successes.

Understanding our strengths, weaknesses, and character, we can see what others “intuitively” see about us, and can maximize our positive. By understanding others’ true natures and gifts, we can get along better with our families, our friends, and our business associates. In business, by reading others more accurately, we can offer them better service. Face reading is a tangible skill for understanding oneself and other people.