Bodywork Rates

While (therapeutic) “massage” and other types of “manual manipulation” are types of bodywork, not all bodywork even requires physical touch to be effective. The body, mind, and emotions are inter-connected and talking, breathing, guided imagery, active or passive stretching, movement, and various forms of “energy work”, body awareness, and “emotional release” are often included in a “hands on” session.

Knead2Dance bodywork may consist of one or more modalities (in a session). Clothing removal is optional. Draping is usually provided for maintaining warmth and feelings of privacy. Bodywork may be done with the use of a table, mat, chair, special padding, and/or other “equipment” – depending on what is intended.

Standard Knead2Dance Bodywork Rates (regardless of modality) are:

30-minutes for $35

60-minutes for $65

90-minutes for $90

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Most sessions are “outcall” – coming TO you (rather than you coming to a separate location). Being able to relax and function better in YOUR regular environment is more important than going elsewhere for a one-hour vacation. Ergonomic and feng shui recommendations are often included at no extra charge (for you to feel and function better longer after your session is over).

NOTE:Additional charges may occasionally apply depending on time(s) or location(s) desired.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Scheduled private and/or semi-private lessons that are missed, rescheduled, or canceled with less than 24-hours advance notice will be forfeited, charged, and payment expected at the normal rate.