Feng Shui

Content only has meaning within context. We are never independent from our environment. Where we are, what is around us, and what can move or change affects us in every aspect of our lives. Everything is connected – whether we notice and are aware of it or not. Many cultures have attempted to understand the world in which we live – and sought out ways to modify, mitigate, minimize, or maximize the effects of nature for various purposes.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) are Chinese words that literally means “wind-water”. The term refers to a still popular ancient approach to understanding the relationships of humans and their environment, and how we are affected by and can make use of the circulation of the powerful natural forces and energy of the planet on which we live.

Feng shui is most often used to create a more functional and aesthetic environment – that better supports those in it. Although practitioners of Feng Shui often incorporate aspects of metaphysical philosophy, individual astrology, and general geomancy, many of their recommendations regarding optimal placement and arrangement of human structures are quite practical – and can have profound positive effects on the lives of those who implement them.

There are several “systems” or “schools” of feng shui practiced today, but despite disagreements between them, each seems to produce desirable results – since intention is often as important as implementation. The two most well-known “factions” today are probably the Compass School and the Black Hat Sect. The first tends to emphasize and orient with regard to natural “lay lines” and the earth’s (electromagnetic) energy. The second considers the influence of human use to be of greater importance.

In a room, house, or building, the (direction of) front (or most used) entrance often determines the ideal use of the space and optimal placement of all else inside. Principles of feng shui can be used to reduce or eliminate undesirable aspects of a space, behavior, or life circumstance. They can also be used to be those seeking to make the best use of an area or to enhance specific desirable outcomes in any area of their lives.

Please contact me if you would like to explore how you might benefit from using feng shui to modify your environment – to put more “fiz” in your biz, more “om” in your home, and more love, success, and (natural) flow in your life.