WHY – What Helps You

September 12, 2011
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Tweet To get what you want, it really helps to to what you want – and WHY.


Trust Your Gut!

September 9, 2011

Tweet Most people probably don’t think of their intestines as being all that important, let alone “intelligent”, but they are (both). In fact, our intestines are often even MORE intuitive, insightful, informative, and influential than than either the heart or brain.


Coming out of the Dark

July 2, 2011

Tweet Leaving a light on is not the same as letting your own light shine.



March 7, 2011

Tweet In the Game of Hands (Rock-Paper-Scissors), and open hand always beats a closed one. The same is also true for hearts, minds, and almost everything else in life.


The Relationship Between X and Y

January 26, 2010

Differences between men and women are mainly the result of the X chromosome.


Health, Happiness, and Whole Lot of Other Things Are Interrelated.

January 18, 2010

Our environment has a huge impact on our health, emotions, and ability to think clearly and function effectively. Our environment is both internal and external. Of the two, the internal is more important and impactful. Our own (internal conscious and subconscious) thoughts, emotions, beliefs, “programming”, and (habitual) patterns of perception have greater and more frequent access to and influence on our cells and our lives than diet, exercise, or (external) environmental factors (including “toxins” and “toxic” people).


Focus on the environment!

December 23, 2009

Human environments are both internal and external – and may be physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic, or social. To address personal, societal, or planetary problems, it makes sense to focus on the environment (first) – since it often has the greatest influence. The goal is to find the greatest leverage, where the least change will have the greatest effect.


Home Is Where the Heart Is

November 26, 2009

Physically our hearts are inside us. Our primary “home” (and “residence”) is (within) our physical bodies. In that sense, it is only possible to be “homeless” while we (our hearts) are out of our bodies. To a large extent this is also true regarding our attention


Suggested Self-Talk, Emotions, and Characteristics

June 1, 2009

Tweet Here are 9 auto-suggestions, affirmations,, or declarations that support creating wealth. Try them out and let me know if/how saying them to yourself affects your thinking, life, and wallet/bank account.


Persuasive Words and Influence on Behavior

December 2, 2008

Research reveals that 80% of average person’s waking hours are spent in communication in one form or another