Why people pay for dance lessons

April 2, 2015

Tweet Why do people PAY for dance lessons – not only financially, but also with their time, energy, and attention – devoting much money and many hours for years of their lives learning and practicing “how to dance” (on their own and with others, watching, imitating, and taking private lessons and group classes)? There are […]


Shoes to Turn On and/or Turn Around

January 8, 2014

Tweet Many women like (or think they have) to wear high heels – to look good or to dance (better).


Dance As If No One was Watching

November 29, 2011

Tweet Social dancing is not the same as social performing. Many social “partner” dance classes seem to emphasize patterns, footwork, and “styling” – as if they are what matters most. NONE of these are what really make a COUPLE look and feel good TOGETHER on the dance floor. What all too often is overlooked and […]


Less Chips, More Salsa

July 1, 2011

Tweet Chips aren’t just for potatoes – and they go well with far more than just fish. The same is true for salsa.


More Than a Metaphor

April 21, 2011

Tweet Dancing is (the physical and emotional expression of) a relationship.


Not All Social Contact is Appreciated

May 5, 2010

Tweet Partner dancing should be considered a (social) contact sport. Some dances (and/or partners) require, encourage, or allow more contact than others – but the contact is meant to improve the connection between partners – and not injure or interfere with other couples. If people drove their cars the way many seem to dance, there […]


Follow My Lead

April 14, 2010

A good leader is usually also a good follower. A good follower, however, would do best to NOT try and lead – even when their “leader” is not doing as “well” as s/he would like. A good follower will make them both look (and feel) good – just as a good leader will (attempt to). People will notice (and tell others) about how you are WITH someone MORE than how well you (may or may not) dance (on your own).


Movement is Life.

May 1, 2009

The nervous system is 90 percent concerned with recovery of stability. But life is not a stable process. Stability is for trees. For us, life is a process of risk and recovery. Each step we take is a risk. The ability to recover is our greatest quality. Stability? You have stability when you go to bed.


Comment Taters

December 11, 2008

Tweet Mr. Potato Head may not have been the most “common” potato, but he didn’t need a (computer micro)chip to have a lot for others to comment on. Hopefully something below will be of interest, value, and worthy of comment.


The Way People Move is the Way They Are

November 25, 2007
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It is better to improve the way we do things than what we do. For how we do something is often more important than what we do.