Less Chips, More Salsa

July 1, 2011

Chips aren’t just for potatoes – and they go well with far more than just fish. The same is true for salsa.

Salsa (music, dance, and in the form of mild and spicy sauces) is growing in popularity around the world. Chips are a natural “complement” – as long as they are not on anyone’s shoulders. Chips are often “complimentary” – but not always to our appearance.

Big shoulders are associated with responsibility – but consuming too many “servings” of chips (with or without salsa) usually shows up more in the hips and waistline (and tends to reflect a lack of awareness and responsibility for “portions” that would better “serve” us – and others).

It’s less important where chips or salsa are made (even if from New York City) , than how – and how much we eat (at a time). Humans are “hardwired” to crave salt – and it is easy to consume far more than is good for us. The human stomach can’t really hold or handle more than about two closed fist-fulls of food at a time. Keep this in mind when asked, “Do you want fries with that?”

Salsa music can be fast – but that does not mean we need to eat at the speed of the beat. The California Highway Patrol is known as CHiPs – and that may be a good analogy for our need to pay attention to the speed at which chips are eaten – if we don’t want to get into trouble as a result. Sometimes, no matter what’s in our hand, it’s best to just lay our chips down – rather than go “all in” or “all out” – and using chips to shovel more salsa or any other “dip” into our mouths.

The pace at which we eat, shows up not only in our belly, but also our face – and even our feet. Just as it is good to put our best foot forward and keep it out of our mouth, so would we best be served by putting a few servings aside and not putting them in our mouth.

Salsa music is known for “breaks” – which are often good places to “dip” your partner. Rather than just dipping more chips into salsa, take a “break” – and get on the dance floor (with or without a partner). The more you move your body (to the Salsa beat), the less you may find that you crave to eat – and the more you will enjoy the chips that you do.

Less chips and more Salsa is a good way of making sure that your pants not only will still fit but that they don’t try to get up to dance without you while your mouth is full.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

© 2011, Oren Pardes. All rights reserved.

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  1. ok, I love this analogy, cleverly written and very well said…

  2. Glad you liked it, Robin. Thanks for inspiring me to write it!

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