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Dancing is (the physical and emotional expression of) a relationship.

Dancing has little to do with steps or styling – or doing anything a certain way (or like anyone else).

Connection is more important than counting or choreography – and is essential for leading, following, and moving (together in harmony) to (and with) the music and not (just mechanically) through it (especially when it changes).

Timing is not just about (what is done on) the beat, but also (during) the space(s) and movement(s) in between.

Partnership requires awareness, acceptance, and appreciation of each person’s role and abilities. Two (or more) people truly dancing together is not the same as just dancing by oneself with others around.

Technically, each movement is part of a continuous (body roll) dance with alternating contraction and expansion and an increase or release of tension.

Pleasing yourself, your partner, and anyone watching, involves paying attention to and honoring the relationship – with yourself, the music, your partner, and the people and space around you.

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