Social Dance Instruction

Being able to dance (well) with a partner is an extremely desirable social skill. Dance is a metaphor for many aspects of life – especially relationships. While each dance style is different, many elements are the same – so learning one dance/style will often help learning/dancing many others.

“Some people seem to feel that good dancers are born, but all the good dancers I have ever known have been taught or trained.” ~ Fred Astaire

Please contact me if you would like my assistance in learning to lead, follow, and/or move (better) together (with a partner).

Learning to dance is affordable (and the “investment” may be “negotiable”) for individuals, couples, and groups. Click here for more info.

SOME of the more popular dances I (or my associates) might be able to help you easily learn and enjoy (more) include:

Salsa (On1)
Mambo (On2)
Casino de Rueda (Miami or Cuban style)
Cha Cha (Ballroom or Nightclub)
Rumba (American or International)
Bachata (Modern/Urban; Dominican/Caribbean)
Samba (American; International; Brazilian)
Waltz (American; Viennese; Country)
Foxtrot (American; International; Country Two-Step)
Tango (American; International; Argentine)
Paso Doble
Swing (East Coast; West Coast; Jitterbug; Jive; Lindy)
Shag (Carolina; Collegiate)
Balboa; Bal-Swing; Charleston
Nightclub Two-Step