Dance Instruction Rates

People want to (learn to) dance (better) for many reasons. It helps (you, your partner, and your instructor) if you are clear about what you really seek and desire (both from lessons you take as well as from dancing).

When assessing costs, keep in mind that you are investing in more than just learning to dance, but also in looking and feeling good (with a partner – and to others watching) while you do so – and that you will benefit from many more hours of dancing enjoyment after each lesson than simply the time spent learning. The increase in comfort, confidence, connection, balance, timing, fitness – not to mention the possible people you may meet, and who you may become as a result – are certainly worth far more than the price of just learning a few patterns, characteristics techniques, or ways to move (with someone else) to music.

“Some people seem to feel that good dancers are born, but all the good dancers I have ever known have been taught or trained.” ~ Fred Astaire

Teaching is an art form – separate from dancing. Many excellent dancers are not very good teachers. When choosing a teacher, what matters most is not what he or she can do, but what they can help you to do – in a fast, fun, easy way.

Knead2Dance emphasizes YOUR ability to dance, not the instructor’s. An interrelated method of teaching is emphasized so that you can take what you learn and use it in many different dances – and often even other areas of your life (dramatically increasing the value of all that you learn). Rather than choreographed patterns and routines, the emphasis is on mastering basics and variations of how to get into and out of (and how to create your own) steps and moves.

Below are Standard Rates for Knead2Dance Instruction:

New Client Introductory Special:
A 1/2 hour lesson for FREE (with no further obligation)
– with an option for 25% OFF the next 2 paid lessons
(2 hours for $90 = $45/hr)
OR the FIRST 3 lessons at HALF-OFF regular rates (3 hours for $90 = $30/hr)

Private (individual or couple):
$62.50 per hour – Pay for 4 lessons and get 1 FREE! (5 hours for $250 = $50/hour)

Semi-Private (3-4 people):
$20 per person per hour – Pay for 4 lessons and get 1 FREE! (5 hours for $80 = $16/hour)

Group Classes (5 or more):
$15 per person per class – Pay for 4 classes and get 1 FREE! (5 hours for $60 = $12/hour)

Choreographed Performances:
Cost and terms vary depending upon what is requested

Other packages, promotions, and personal escort may be available. Inquire if interested.

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NOTE: Although rates posted above usually include any floor and/or travel fees, additional charges may occasionally apply depending on time(s) or location(s) desired.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Scheduled private and/or semi-private lessons that are missed, rescheduled, or canceled with less than 24-hours advance notice will be forfeited, charged, and payment expected at the normal rate.