Secrets of Martial Arts Revealed

Many martial artists practice a variety of specially choreographed fighting movements.

The intent of most traditional forms taught is to preserve and conceal the essence of the art. Every choreographed martial arts Kata/Form has coded within it information regarding: Types of Attack, Counters, and an Alternative/Back-Up plan (if it doesn’t work). The sequences used tends to be based upon kinetic chain reactions, pressure points, and body movement(s).

Many martial arts katas/forms may appear to be intended for combating multiple attackers – when actually they merely indicate that something can be done in either direction or either unilaterally on either side with either limb or bilaterally. Movements to the side are seldom toward someone else but are generally meant to indicate a rotation and doing the movement in the direction toward or in response to the original attacker.

Basic/fundamental/core elements of Russian Combat Systema include:
Relaxation, Breathing, Structure, and Movement.
Reactive (Bellows) Breathing, Burst Breathing
Brush – Trap – Strike
Meeting and Passing
Touch – Rotation
Drop – Step – Turn
Breaking and Maintaining Structure
Inward and Outward Spiral Coiling
Triangulation – Vectors – Hypotonus
Hyper and Hypo Function
Ground Flow and Soft Work
Punches: Hand – Elbow – Shoulder – Casting
Figure Eights and Triples
Pushing Through
Finishing Points as Targets
Kicks: Stepping
Ranges: Long – Short –
Weapons: sticks – stones – staffs – swords – knives – guns