Do You Want Fries With That?

October 9, 2009

EATING is almost always popular – and pleasurable. DIETING usually is not. Perhaps it would be better to not DIET at all and just EAT better.

The Standard American Diet is “SAD” as it is even before it is Super-sized. Very few people eat fresh fruit and vegetables at all let alone in the amounts that their bodies are “meant” to. Not only have most people forgotten what (real) food really is, but portion sizes have increased a lot over the years. So have people’s waistlines and body fat.

Perhaps there is a reason why the first three letters of “diet” are “die” – not because we are going without food, but because not eating what we crave often ends up eating us – as much or more than just eating too many chips and salsa.


Portion control is easier when smaller plates and bowls are used and only the amount of food we need is in sight. It is hard for most people to resist over-eating if they see that there is (just a little) more left. The urge is to finish it (all) – right then and there.

People often feel that if they pay for something they have to eat it (right away) or it will be a “waste” of money. Like packing a suitcase for a trip, what we really need in our stomach is usually about half as much as we think – so a good practice is to divide any “serving” into two and put half away for another time. We can always eat it later – or share it with someone else.

To paraphrase the Rolling Stones, “You can’t always eat all that you want, but if you pass on the fries sometimes, you can eat all that you need!

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