Focus on the environment!

December 23, 2009

Evolution is most often a response to a change in the environment. Sufficient perturbation tends to result not just in change, but often some kind of “transformation”. While the actual timing, form, and expression is often somewhat surprising, evolution tends to follow potentially predictable patterns. It is sometimes as recognizable as most normal growth and development of individuals, ideas, and businesses is – from conception to maturity. While death is also inevitable, it is not necessarily the end of anything other than what no longer is – so that something new can be born (in a new form). Energy cannot be created or destroyed, but it often changes form and/or frequency.

Context matters. Nothing exists independently of its environment. We may have choice(s) and/or preferences about what we desire (to do) and/or how we think, feel, and/or respond (any particular moment), but ultimately, we are not in control most of the time – not only because we tend to operate automatically out of habit, but because we are (only) part of a larger system, organization, relationship, situation, or circumstance. We exist within a context and environment.

Human environments are both internal and external – and may be physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, economic, or social. To address personal, societal, or planetary problems, it makes sense to focus on the environment (first) – since it often has the greatest influence. The goal is to find the greatest leverage, where the least change will have the greatest effect.

Feng shui” is a Chinese term for arranging one’s surroundings to promote the flow of “wind and water” (energy). Life is movement. All that is alive moves. Life is even categorized by how it moves. Wind and water are not the only forms of energy to be aware of. Everything is energy – in motion (and thus often has an emotional charge) at specific frequencies of vibration. Emotions can be stored and/or blocked instead of experienced and released. Feeling stuck can often be alleviated simply by cleaning, changing, and rearranging our environment – or our relationship to it to allow (flowing) movement, flexibility, and freedom. Connection begins with ceasing to see separation. Independence is a myth.

We are not just influenced by, but actually become, what we feed ourselves and assimilate. This applies to not only to food, but also to stimulation (in observation, contemplation, and conversation), participation, inspiration (breathing in), aspiration (holding one’s breath and hoping), and allowing for and accepting eventual expiration (and possible renovation). For things to change we must change – enough that we no longer are what we once were.

The start of the new calendar year is a time when many people “resolve” to focus on something. No matter what else may or may not be on your list, I suggest “making” three of the most basic aspects of life (eating, sleeping, and exercising) a priority to “master”- since they are the foundation upon which so much else depends.

Humans evolve in groups even more than they do individually. Our social environments in many ways affect us more than our physical one(s). Where we live, who we associate with, how and where we spend our time determines many aspects of our own lives – affecting all around us as well (now and in the future). While we may not have complete control over even ourselves, it is important to realize that what we do (or don’t) matters and makes a difference in what may or may not be possible (for more than just ourselves).

Rather than focusing on our own issues and affairs, just to survive, let alone thrive, in the future may require remembering that we are part of something larger, and focusing on others and our environment(s) rather than (exclusively) ourselves.

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  1. Love your post! We continue to organize our lives around living more simply…more environmentally friendly. We have our own organic garden, composting, sun shower for outdoors during the summer. We are currently researching rain catchers that can provide water for the house for everything except drinking! Your message needs to be heard. Many thanks! Dotti

  2. Simply living is often no longer simple for many people, let alone living simply. Even more important than simply focusing on the influence of our environment on us and our influence on our environment is realizing that we and our environment are ONE – and that even seemingly little things can make a BIG difference.

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