Holy Wholesome Health Habits

March 23, 2010

“Well-ness” is not merely the lack of “dis-ease”, illness, or injury. Rather than avoiding what is not desired (and measuring what we want as an absence of what we seek to be “free” of), it would be better to focus on (doing what it takes for) being healthy, well, and at ease.

    Well, well, well; three holes in the ground…?

In many ways, our health is probably our greatest “wealth” (along with our “relationships”). “Health” refers to “wellness”, “vitality”, and “fitness” – in every aspect of life. The word “health” is closely related to the word “whole”. True “health is (truly) “holistic” – and includes every aspect of life and being (not just the condition of the physical body and/or mind). To be “wholly well”, means to be, well, “Holy”. The more “sacred” (rather than “scared” or “scarred”) we ALLOW ourselves to BE and LIVE our lives, the more “normal” it will BE-COME for us to “naturally” BELIEVE (with “integrity”) that we are (all) “really” WHOLE, inter-connected, inseparable, and at “PEACE” rather than being “wounded” separate PIECES (in need of “healing” – and/or some kind of external “salvation”.

It can be very hard to “give up”, “break”, or “stop” unconscious habits. It is far easier to “crowd them out” by adopting new consciously chosen ones to displace and replace them. Among the most important habits in life is not so much what we do or don’t do, but how we think and feel about what we do or don’t do (and what we “are” and/or “are not”).

What we do or do not believe (is “true”, “so”, or “possible”) tends to determine the quality of our health and our life. We “create” and “manifest” our own personal perception and internal interpretation of what is “real” and what it may or may not “mean” – especially to and for us.

    Every little cell in my body is healthy;
    every little cell in my body is well.
    I’m so glad,
    every little cell in my body is health and well.

Health, happiness, and abundance are (natural) “states” we (can) come FROM, rather than SEEK (outside ourselves) or need to “work” to “realize”. Perception is mainly projection and our external “reality” tends to a reflection of our inner one. “Intentions” are obviously not the same as actual thoughts, beliefs, and actions – or their would be never be any “mistakes” or “accidents”.

“Success” and “failure” are just “values” we “label” our “results”. The word “sin” originally meant simply to “miss the mark”. There is a Turkish proverb that basically says no matter how far you’ve gone done the wrong road, turn back. A saying I like even better is: correct and continue! Do (more of) what gets desired results and do something else instead of what does not.

The much touted “Law of ATTRACTION” requires corresponding ACTION (as much or more than emotional INTENTION alone) – supported by the belief that the result is truly possible, inevitable, and “deserved”. What a mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve – but only if it is willing to receive. We don’t always get what we “deserve” or even “expect”, but we do tend to get what we “accept” and “appreciate”. What we resist, tends to persist – no matter how much we insist it desist.

Appreciation” means to increase in “value”. To “want” means to “lack”. The CHOICE to BE happy, healthy, prosperous, or whatever else we may think we “want” is easier when we “love”, “accept”, “appreciate”, and “make the most of” whatever is in the “present” – and continue to do so as who, what, and/or how we desire and pay attention to (most) changes, transforms, or transcends.

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

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  1. Missed the mark should definitely be followed by correct and continued 🙂

    Married a USMC infantry man myself. Enjoying your insights and the word flavor in your articles.

  2. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Like your husband, you are one of the Few – and I am Proud to have you as a reader. Please feel free to correct me when needed and to continue posting comments – including any that promote YOUR blog (as it has much that may be of interested to anyone visiting mine).

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