Not At All Corny

May 13, 2008
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A global “food shortage” (and rising prices for just about everything) has been in the “news” for a while now – but few are “reporting” the CORN connection. Farmers around the world are planting corn instead of other crops – in order to provide “bio-renewable” [now even close!] (ethanol) fuel for gas-guzzling cars instead growing “food”.

Like soybeans, corn is grown more to feed cows and pigs than humans. Uncle Ben isn’t the only one with “converted rice”. Wild maize, that once was a staple food in the Americas, has been turned into a (unmarked and unregulated) genetically-modified highly-profitable incredibly pervasive yet totally unnecessary food additive (mainly in the form of high fructose corn syrup and corn starch) instead of just “corn” (on the cob).

Instead of feeding the hungry, growing a lot of corn is literally killing people – and driving up prices! The cost of seemingly unrelated “products” is going up as the price of fuel/”energy” (that corn is now grown for) and transportation goes up. Rather than a “cornicopia”, there would be less “shortage” of food if more FOOD was grown instead of trying to make a “profit” from things that humans can’t live on — like sugar, coffee, gasoline, etc. The highly processed “food” (with corn sweeteners and other additives) people in the United States are buying and eating is part of he reason for such wide-spread obesity and health problems. Perhaps having less “food” [or switching to more realistic quantities of “real food”] might be a good thing for an already “super-sized” population. Perhaps humans might want to “ween” themselves off corn (and other grains) altogether. Like milk, it is not the type of food that adult humans are really “meant” to eat (at all, let alone a lot of). The corn/fuel used to drive to the grocery store/farmer’s market could be replaced with something “less profitable” [to who? only a FEW!] but more nutritious and life sustaining. It could also lessen world-wide habitat destruction so that non-humans might also still have somewhere to live and something to eat.

I’m not sure how many people are “allergic” to corn products but if you read the ingredients of just about any food package you might be surprised to find corn in it. Or you might not be surprised at all. You might just be sick (and/or tired of corn “popping” up everywhere you look). Unlike Europe, GMOs are not labeled in the USA; too much liability for the manufacturers if people could trace their (medical/health) problems to consuming the products of genetic experiments. But if GMOs are found growing on your property, you are likely to be sued for patent infringement, not paying royalties, or any number of other things related to the DNA being “owned” by the manufacturer. It does not matter that you did NOT know, plant or even want what is growing there in the first place!

Since what is sold and how much it costs is driven by what people will pay, please consider NOT buying things made with corn (including your tortillas/taco shells, Mazola oil and ethanol GASOLINE). If enough people stop buying corn products, perhaps the cost of most other things will go down and there will be less of a “shortage” of FOOD. There are also “better” sources (including other plants) to consider for “fuel” that are more “bio-renewable”.

Most humans are addicted to something: sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, television, internet, “drama”, money, FOOD, attention, etc. But unlike “porn”, the spread of CORN may be harder to “control” or “block”. All I am asking is that YOU break YOUR addiction to corn and that you share YOUR reasons with others. Perhaps it’s still not too late to make a difference – before corn kills us all.

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