March 7, 2011

In the Game of Hands (Rock-Paper-Scissors), and open hand always beats a closed one. The same is also true for hearts, minds, and almost everything else in life.

The best way to open a closed fist (or a cramped muscle) is to first go MORE in the direction it is already going (similar to how tai chi or aikido takes the energy of an attacker in the direction it is already going – before redirecting it).

Go with the flow – to get what you want to let go (and/or then go where you want it to go).

Try this yourself.

Squeeze one hand into a fist. Trying to force it open by pulling with your other hand won’t get you far – BUT if the other hand instead squeezes the first hand even tighter, the clenched fist will “WANT” to let go.

This simple technique, approach, and philosophy works for muscles that are tight, cramped, or in spasm; people who are (physically or verbally) foolish enough to attack; and people who need to learn and personally experience the effect of what their choices and actions lead to.

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