Our Greatest Wealth?

October 3, 2012

Our greatest wealth is not our health but our relationships. None of us can be an island. We are all connected and interdependent. It is not good for us to be alone, isolated, and disconnected – nor can we healthily do so for long.

Some people consider time our greatest asset – but what we do with it matters more than how much we have.

How great is our health or wealth if we are always alone – and unable to share?

Our greatest wealth is then not the health of our finances or physical body but healthy relationships. Relationships are especially needed when health is poor – yet enjoyed most when health is good.

It is not the examined life, but the shared life that we need, seek, and benefit from most. We require connection – with ourselves, others, the world around us – and something “greater”: a purpose to give us direction and meaning to life.

Some people turn to God or Government for guidance – but nothing can replace the comforting presence of other humans and personal interaction with them.

It is not religion or laws the world is in need of, but love, kindness, caring, connection, respect, acceptance, appreciation, communication, cooperation, collaboration, courage, and commitment.

Without love, babies will die – even if all their physical needs are met. Without someone to love and to feel loved by, humans become disconnected from themselves, their community, and life itself. It takes a village not just to raise children but also community participation, involvement, and interaction of some kind to maintain, sustain, and retain the health and integrity of even the most independent adults.

Most mass murderers and suicide bombers would not be so quick to kill if they had a connection with someone or something that NEEDED their love, care, and attention. Hurt people hurt people. Sometimes even better for an abusive adult than an other adult to love, is a young or injured child or pet, who s/he must care and be responsible for – eliciting instincts, obligations, and expectations to protect, nurture, and support – through love, sacrifice, and service.

Greatness is a result of expansion and extension – beyond what we were. Sharing making everything greater – including ourselves.

Regardless of role, the goal of every Soul is to explore, experience, and evolve – whatever that may involve.

Love your neighbor(s) as yourself and love yourself as your neighbor. Don’t worry as much about choosing your neighbors as be neighborly enough that neighborhood does not matter.

Rights comes with responsibilities. Freedom is not free. There is always a price to pay – but it is worth it and should be paid regularly and gladly. Don’t die for values and beliefs; live for them!

Discover, Develop, Express and Share what is unique, special, sacred, and holy about yourself and those around you – particularly regarding personality, perception, and perspective – as well as what may be possible, probable, and pro-fit-able.

Be a lighthouse – emit, radiate, and mirror light, project and reflect the best in yourself and others; illuminate blind spots – lighting the way and lightening the load.

Be a Promoter of life, liberty, and love.

Live, love, laugh, and leave enough for others.

Edify and encourage. Compliment and complement. Appreciate – Everything and everyone. Along with Value, Increase Altitude, Attitude, Gratitude, Energy, and Enthusiasm.

To be truly “wealthy” and “rich”, focus on our greatest asset: relationships!

That’s my perspective. What’s yours?

© 2012 – 2015, Oren Pardes. All rights reserved.

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