Sex Can Get Better With Age

There are many kinds of love and intimacy, and many ways to enjoy sex. Just as age is an ongoing process, so is one’s sexual life. Putting quality time, awareness, and energy into one’s sex life can reap (continuous) exquisite erotic (adventures) and emotional rewards. Sexual fulfillment helps bring balance into other aspects of life, too.

Below are the top 5 reasons sex can get better as you get older:

1. Greater Sexual Experience & Expertise

As people age the more likely they are to know what turns them on and how to please their partner. Most people are more sexually knowledgeable and skilled at 40 and beyond than they were in their early 20s.

It is very possible to keep discovering new ways to turn each other on – by openly discussing sexual wants, needs, and fantasies. Sexual performance can also be redefined to include intercourse as just another option, rather than the goal of each encounter and thus devote more time to sex by going to bed earlier and spending the night just kissing, stroking, massaging, and cuddling each other without going farther.

2. Experimentation & Exploration

Liberated from youthful sexual insecurities, older lovers can take their sex lives to new heights through various feel-good explorations. Experimenting sexually helps people lighten up, feel new sensations and avoid worrying. Experimenting also fosters a sense of fun and helps keep sex from getting serious – as they think sexual thoughts, feel sexual feelings, learn to play, and play with each other.

Some individuals or couples are more excited by visual stimulation than any other kind, so they watch erotic films. Others study illustrated massage manuals for new ideas about how and where to touch each other. Lots of older lovers get turned on by reading erotica. Sometimes sex toys can provide long, strong orgasms without sexual penetration.

3. Accepting Change Brings You Closer Together

By accepting changes in sexual functioning, both partners can start adapting their minds and bodies so that sex stays fresh. A test of a relationship is being vulnerable and honest about changes in sexual functioning and/or emotional needs without being humiliated. That’s a powerful bonding experience.

Women need to know that in midlife, it’s totally normal for them to experience vaginal dryness and thinning vaginal walls. They can benefit from using vaginal lubrication and their partners will derive pleasure from this, too. Some also find their sexual response and pleasure improves with low-dose hormone replacement therapy.

Midlife men need to know that it’s natural to experience softer erections, and that it may take them longer to get erect. In other words, taking Viagra may not always be necessary; in fact, it’s also unnatural. Men can have an orgasm without an erection, it doesn’t have to be hard in order to penetrate and give their partner pleasure. Men can also revamp their sex lives with more oral sex, more sensual massage, mutual masturbation, and showering or bathing together. Good sex encompasses so much more than intercourse (alone).

4. Romantic, Arousing Environments

The physical setting of intimate encounters becomes more important to sexual fulfillment as people age.

To find new excitement, change the setting. Grope each other in the garage, have a quickie in the shower, or dare each other to do it in the backyard. Never underestimate the value of a shower or freshly brushed teeth to help seduce. Clean skin and fresh breath can be turn-ons.

So can phone sex. Talk about what you’re going to do, setting the scene in advance and creating sexual tension. Sex begins in the mind. For those who need a big scene shift, getting out of the house and going to a motel can be very romantic.

Sensory pleasures such as beautiful background music, scented candles, or fresh flowers next to the bed may also spark sensual fires. Get charged up by wearing silk robes or lingerie, wearing perfume, taking bubble baths together, or slow dancing.

Surprise your partner in the middle of the afternoon by initiating sex on the stairs. Greet your lover when with a big hug and a kiss upon arriving home, close the front door and drive them wild right then and there. Whatever works, works. Set the mood any way you like and then enjoy each other.

5. More Time & Opportunity

Make sex a high priority and you – get back in touch with what was most attractive in the early stages of a relationship. This invariably leads to sexual discoveries and renewed intimacy.

To ensure your sex life holds a high priority, ensure plenty of free time for romantic interludes. While some couples keep standing dates for sex with each other several times a week, others have schedules that make sex possible only on the weekends.

People change from day to day. Having sex more frequently helps couples discover more aspects of each other’s emotional and erotic territory.