Orbiting In Love

Falling in love is so hard on the knees.” – Aerosmith

Falling is also hard on the heart – as people who fall in often also fall out. Love and falling are probably best together only if you love free-falling (as I once did). Even then, it’s a good idea to bring and use a parachute! Rather than falling (and not being able to get back up), I prefer the term orbiting in love. Mild attraction turns heads (and sometimes ankles). Strong attraction turns people not upside down, head over heels, but so that their lives revolve around one another – orbiting in love. It’s easier on the knees if going down on one is a conscious choice rather than the result of being knocked off balance.

Love in an elevator usually is lust, rather than love. While both may grow over time, (real) love lasts. Lust and whatever else people fall into usually does not.

People can only (really) love what they know (and appreciate). This often takes time. Unlike a rose, which also withers and dies, (real) love simply grows, blooms, and evolves – because it ultimately has more to do with the desire for what’s best for another rather than for oneself (and thus may continue even long after two are no longer together).

Who or what do YOU love (most – perhaps even as the “center” your life revolves around)?