How to Impress People

Below are a few simple things you can use to create a favorable (first, last, or just lasting) impression – that may even have Shania (“That Don’t Impress Me Much“) Twain singing a different song (about you).

* Acknowledge and appreciate the people in your life – and your time together
Don’t take their time, attention, interest, or assistance for granted

* Call, write, or otherwise contact, and follow-up with others the next day – and regularly thereafter
Look for what you can give rather than what you can get

* Remember things (about others):
What they do for a living
How old they are
Where they went to school
Their favorite food
What they enjoy doing

* Make others feel important – and good about themselves (especially when they are with you)

* Be ready to come to the defense of others and be supportive in their time(s) of need

* Talk about the person you are with – in a good way – (rather than about yourself)