Insightful Questions

The following questions are not meant to “trick” or mislead anyone – just find out some things about them without them realizing it.

I. Who do you admire – and why?
II. Who do you despise – and why?

Perception is mainly projection. The qualities we admire and despise in others are those in ourselves in most need of development or healing.

A. What’s your favorite color?
Why? What adjectives?

B. What’s your favorite animal?
Why? What adjectives?

C. What’s your favorite body of water?
Why? What adjectives?

A. Your favorite color represents how you see yourself. What does your answer reveal?
B. Your favorite animal represents what you like, value, and seek in others. What does your answer reveal?
C. Your favorite water represents spirituality, money, and SEX. What does your answer reveal?

1. What’s your ideal environment?
Where are you?
What’s the scenery?
What time of day is it? Morning? Afternoon? Evening? Night?
What time of year is it? Spring? Summer? Fall? Winter?
How much light it there? What’s the temperature – and humidity?
Is there any wind? None? A gentle breeze? A steady wind? A strong gust? A tornado or hurricane?

2. Look for a path. What do you see?
Dirt? Paved? Wood? Stone?
How wide?
Flat? Uphill? Downhill?
Straight? Curved? Windy?
Can you see where it goes? For how far?

3. Look for an object.
What do you see?
Do you pick it up?
Do you take it with you?

4. See something blocking the path – that you can’t go around.
What is it? A fence? A wall?
What’s it made of?
How high is it?
What do yo do?

5. On the other side is a bear (or some other danger) – coming at you.
What do you do?

1. The environment represents circumstances and satisfaction.
The time and season represent the stage of life.
2. The path represents your life’s journey.
3. The object represent materialism.
4. The fence represents obstacles.
5. The bear represents (potential) danger, threats, challenges, and confrontations – and how you deal with them.