1 Type

One represents both unity and singularity. As a unit (of counting or measurement), one represents a single entity. The universe literally means one verse, song, or vibration. The universe seems to be composed of holons – whole parts of wholes. Even when perceived as separate parts, each individual component can also be understood to be a harmonious part of a greater whole. White light can be both split into a rainbow of colors and then reintegrated into one. Light seems to be simultaneously composed of particles and waves. So, too, are humans, composed of holons.

What we call our personalities are only one aspect of our entirety and we really are NOT a SINGLE type, but ALL types (in ONE) – with personal preferences that make it seem as if we are more different than we often are (both from others and ourselves). As people learn, grow, and evolve, we tend to discover, develop, incorporate and integrate more of a “balance” between all types.

One is the atomic number of hydrogen – the most common known element in the universe. A big part of life seems to be to be both simultaneously distinct and unique, while also being connected to and one with something universal and greater than ourselves.

In numerology, 1 represents the qualities of:
Initiating action, pioneering, leading, independent, attaining, and the individual.

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