21 Types

Twenty-one is a Fibonacci number, a Harshad number, a Motzkin number, a triangular number and an octagonal number, as well as a composite number, its proper divisors being 1, 3 and 7.

21 is the atomic number of scandium – and the number of firings in a 21-gun salute honoring Royalty or leaders of countries.

In several countries 21 is the age of majority. In some countries it is the voting age. In most USA states 21 is the drinking age.

There are 21 spots on a standard cubical (six-sided) die (1+2+3+4+5+6).

Tarot: 21 Major Arcana
Fool – Magician – High Priestess – Empress – Emperor –
Hierophant – Lovers – Chariot – Justice – Hermit –
Wheel of Fortune – Strength – Hanged Man – Death –
Temperance – Devil – Tower – Star – Moon – Sun –
Judgment – Universe

Major Arcana
= life principles
universal laws
collective experience
4 Suits = 4 levels of consciousness
Swords = thoughts, mental beliefs, quality of thinking
Cups = emotional, psychological factors: responses
Wands = vision, insight, perception, energy, vitality
Disks/Pentacles = external reality, ability to manifest:

The Fool – Clown, Mime, Jester, Trickster, Genii
The Magician – Wizard, Merlin, Mercury, Shaman
The High Priestess – Isis, Goddess, Delphi Oracles
The Empress – Earth Mother, Venus, Moon, Anima
The Emperor – Kings, Leaders, Father, Animus, Arthur & Grail
The Hierophant – Zeus, Kronos, High Priest, Buddha
The Lovers – Adam & Eve, yin/yang, sun/moon
The Chariot – Apollo, the Charioteer, Knights, Gladiators
Adjustment/Justice – Scales, Dharma, Maat, Titaness
The Hermit – Pilgrim, Monk, Sage, Way-Shower, Rogue
The Wheel of Fortune – Mandala, Roulet, Chakras, Prayer Wheels
Strength/Lust – Hercules, Samson, Basht, Skehet, Fortuna
The Hanged Man – Odin, Neptune, Poseidon
Death/Rebirth – Skeleton, Phoenix, Lotus, Snake
Art/Temperance – Artemis, Centaur, Sphinx
Devil/Pan – Satyr, Bacchus, Dionysus, Dragon
The Tower – Tower of Babel, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Faust
The Star – Orion, Sirius, Star of David, Pleiades
The Moon – Mirror, Mask, Anubis, Scarab, Txaddi
The Sun – Networking, Eye of Ra, Osiris, Helios
The Aeon/Judgement – Agni, Vulcan, Pluto, Goddess Nuit
The Universe/World – Planet Earth, The Womb, Nirvana, Siva

21 Blood Type Possibilities:
O+O+ A+A+ A+O+ B+B+ B+O+ A+B+
O+O- A+A- A+O- B+B- B+O- A+B-
O-O- A-A- A-O- B-B- B-O- A-B-
A-O+ B-O+ A-B+

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