3 Types

Threefold Typologies:

What Type Are YOU?

Type, Archetype, Stereotype
Age, Sex, Temperament:
Good, Bad, Ugly
Id, Ego, Superego
Positive, Negative, Neutral/Ambivalent
Rayid: Stream, Flower, Jewel
Josepf Deck: Lymphatic, Hematogenic, Bilary (Mixed)
Plato/Greek: Reason, Feeling, Will
George Gurdjieff: Fakir, Monk, Yogi
William Sheldon:
Mesomorph = Will/Physical Activity
Endomorph = Emotion & Pleasant Feelings/Sensations
Ectomorph = Intellect/Thinking & Reason

thin, normal, fat
leptomorph, mesomorph, eurymorph
asthenic, athletic, phlegmatic
narrow-chested, normal, wide-chested
asthenic, athletic, pyknic
empfindungstypus, krafttypys, ernahrungstypus
ectomorph, mesomorph, endomorph

Ayurvedic Doshas:
Vata, Pitta, Kapha
Vata = Air & Ether / Active / Enthusiastic / Quick
Pitta = Fire & Water / Sharp / Enterprising / Articulate
Kapha = Earth & Water / Strong / Steady / Tolerant

Karen Horney: Toward – Away From – Against Others
Aggressive – Withdrawn – Compliant
Enneagram: Feeling-Doing-Relating ->Doers-Perceivers-Feelers
Image – Fear – Being
Head – Heart – Gut / Mental – Emotional – Physical
Overdeveloped – Underdeveloped – Out of Touch

Freud: Oral – Anal – Phallic
Indian Gunas: Tamas – Rajas – Sattva
Fundamental Qualities: Inertia – Stimulation – Purity
Remain the Same – Act – Illumination
NLP: Visual – Auditory – Kinesthetic
Astrology: Cardinal – Fixed – Mutable
Identity – Purpose – Destiny
Who am I?/How am I put together? – What am I here to do? – Who
will I become?/How can I make the best of it?
To Get – To Hold On – To Make
Hair Color: Blond, Brunette, Redhead
Eye Color: Blue, Green, Brown
male genital size: hare – bull – horse
female gential size: deer – mare – elephant
sexual passion: small – middling – intense
“short-timed” – “moderate-timed” – “long-timed”
sexual orientation: heterosexual – homosexual – bisexual
(asexual, transsexual, hermaphrodite)
types of women: earthy, elegant, elemental

right-brain, left-brain, whole-brain
right-handed, left-handed, ambidextrous
introvert, extrovert, ambivert

Triune Brain:
Head, Heart, Gut
Human, Mammal, Reptile
Logic, Emotion, Action
Thoughts, Feelings, Instincts

NLP: Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

Ectomorphy (brain, nervous system):
Mesomorphy (muscles, circulatory system):
Endomorphy (abdomen, digestive system):

Tentative Conclusions:
Ectomorphic: Introverted Intuitive Judgemental (INJ)
Ecto-Meso: Introverted Perceptive (INP)
Meso-Ecto: Extraverted Intuitive Perceptive (ENP)
Mesomorphy: Extraverted Judgemental (EJ)
Meso-Endo: Introverted Sensing Perceptive (ISP)
Endomorphy: Extraverted Sensing Perceptive (ESP)
Endo-Ecto: Introverted Sensing Judgemental (ISJ)

1: IJ Ectomorphy or Endo-Ecto
2: EF Meso-Ecto or Mesomorphy or Endomorphy
3: EJ Mesomorphy
4: IF Ectomorphy or Ecto-Meso or Meso-Endo or Endo-Ecto
5: IT Ectomorphy or Ecto-Meso or Meso-Endo or Endo-Ecto
6: J Ectomorphy or Mesomorphy or Endo-Ecto
7: EP Meso-Ecto or Endomorphy
8: ET Meso-Ecto or Mesomorphy or Endomorphy
9: IFP Ecto-Meso or Meso-Endo

Ectomorphy: [#1:IJ, #4:IF, #5:IT, #6:J]
Introverted Intuitive: INTJ, INFJ (Linear, Reflection)

Ecto-Meso: [#4:IF, #5:IT, #9:IFP]
Introverted Thinking: INTP
Introverted Feeling: INFP

Meso-Ecto: [#7:EP, #2:EF, #8:ET]
Extraverted Intuitive: ENTP, ENFP

Mesomorphy: [#3:EJ, #2:EF, #6:J, #8:ET]
Extraverted Feeling: ESFJ, ENFJ
Extraverted Thinking: ESTJ, ENTJ (Muscles, Action)

Meso-Endo: [#4:IF, #5:IT, #9:IFP]
Introverted Thinking: ISTP
Introverted Feeling: ISFP

Endomorphy: [#7:EP, #2:EF, #8:ET]
Extraverted Sensing: ESTP, ESFP (Roundness, Friendliness)

Endo-Ecto: [#1:IJ, #4:IF, #5:IT, #6:J]
Introverted Sensation: ISTJ, ISFJ

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