Shoes to Turn On and/or Turn Around

January 8, 2014

Many women like (or think they have) to wear high heels – to look good or to dance (better). Women tend to pay much more attention to their own and others’ shoes than most men do – and they usually wear high heels more to impress other women than to please men, but shoes worn should not be what others notice nor care about or look at/watch most. Some men also wear heels – but seldom the same kind or same frequency and duration as women do.

High heels do sometimes make an outfit (and the woman wearing it) look better – by making feet look smaller and legs look longer, the woman look taller, and by changing the angle of the pelvis and thus the way the woman stands and steps – but heels also can cause pain in the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back. Be sure to stretch your feet and calves after wearing them. The feet should not feel sore.

The reason heels help with spins is by forcing you to stand on a smaller surface area. You don’t need heels to do this – if your weight is over the balls of your feet and off of your heels. To spin better, first let your hips/pelvis/core initiate the turn, then swing the arms and torso in the direction you are turning, and then finally, “spot” where you want to stop/end up with your nose (not your eyes). There are different kinds of spins and turns you can practice – along with preps that make them smoother and easier. No matter what kind of turns you do, keep your posture tall and your center of gravity over the balls of your feet. Also be sure to actually stop and balance yourself before taking a step in any direction to prevent falling out the turn. Be sure to also do basic (ballet) “Chaines” turns to practice spotting if turns make you feel dizzy. While it may be fun to do lots of spins, keep in mind that it is not the most important part of dancing and really not even needed at all.

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