Dance As If No One was Watching

November 29, 2011

Tweet Social dancing is not the same as social performing. Many social “partner” dance classes seem to emphasize patterns, footwork, and “styling” – as if they are what matters most. NONE of these are what really make a COUPLE look and feel good TOGETHER on the dance floor. What all too often is overlooked and […]


Not All Social Contact is Appreciated

May 5, 2010

Tweet Partner dancing should be considered a (social) contact sport. Some dances (and/or partners) require, encourage, or allow more contact than others – but the contact is meant to improve the connection between partners – and not injure or interfere with other couples. If people drove their cars the way many seem to dance, there […]


Movement is Life.

May 1, 2009

The nervous system is 90 percent concerned with recovery of stability. But life is not a stable process. Stability is for trees. For us, life is a process of risk and recovery. Each step we take is a risk. The ability to recover is our greatest quality. Stability? You have stability when you go to bed.