Health, Happiness, and Whole Lot of Other Things Are Interrelated.

January 18, 2010

Our environment has a huge impact on our health, emotions, and ability to think clearly and function effectively. Our environment is both internal and external. Of the two, the internal is more important and impactful. Our own (internal conscious and subconscious) thoughts, emotions, beliefs, “programming”, and (habitual) patterns of perception have greater and more frequent access to and influence on our cells and our lives than diet, exercise, or (external) environmental factors (including “toxins” and “toxic” people).


Heard about the Farmer going to Washington? Me neither. Not yet anyway.

January 2, 2009
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The U.S. has an Agriculture Department and a Food and Drug Administration, but what we really need is a Farmer-In-Chief (at the White House) to set the example of responsible sustainable local (organic) food production.