Trust Your Gut!

September 9, 2011

Most people probably don’t think of their intestines as being all that important, let alone “intelligent”, but they are (both). In fact, our intestines are often even MORE intuitive, insightful, informative, and influential than than either the heart or brain.

Humans are a bit like doughnuts – with the part in the middle actually being part of the outside. All that passes through our digestive tract is outside the body until digested and absorbed by our intestines – located at our center of gravity (and represented in iridology at the center of our eyes, windows to our souls, around the opening of our pupils). We are NOT what we eat; we are what we absorb and assimilate.

Digestion takes more energy than any other body process – except, perhaps, orgasm. Our intestines not only influence our metabolism, but also the meaning of any matter we take in – even when not through our mouths. Before we have a thought in our brain, or a feeling in our heart, we usually have a gut reaction. Studies on human physiological response show that the body often give off signals before a person is consciously aware of what they think or feel. There is also a form of bodywork in which a microphone or sensor pad is placed on a person’s abdomen as other parts of their body is massaged – and any shift, change, or or release is always accompanied by gurgles, rumbles, or other digestive noises that can be heard on a speaker.

We smell, see, hear, taste, think, and interpret with our brains, but the brain has no feeling of it’s own. Like memories, they are also not limited to only one area or organ (like our hearts). Hearts and brains can be transplanted in their entirely (into someone else). Intestines supposedly cannot. They can be cut and shortened – or spliced and added to, but not (as far as I know) replaced completely. Without enough of the one we were born with, we die. New anti-rejection drugs make (partial) transplantation possible – but survival still requires retaining at least part of our own “inner being”.

Our hearts are pretty amazing, and our lungs provide us with inspiration, but our genitals are as much the source of our passion. People talk more often about “having balls” than “intestinal fortitude” – yet “no guts, no glory”.

My current gut feeling is that it’s time to eat. I’m hungry.

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