FWB – Foods with Benefits

November 26, 2008
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People choose foods for different reasons – including for their benefits.

Need a reason to eat fruit? A study showed people who had a good amount of vitamin C had more sex.

Eating dark chocolate can make your skin more sensitive to the touch. It also can promote the feeling of euphoria you have when you are falling in love.

Hot peppers and red wine can heat up thoughts and arousal. The chemicals in them help get blood flowing to parts that really count on it in a sack session.

Salmon sushi can increase your libido because of its oils.

If you are wanting to have a baby, the man should eat tuna a few times a week. It supposedly increases the sperm count!

Want a bigger O? Red meat and asparagus are good sources to help you shoot through the roof with pleasure. Asparagus contains protodioscin, which boosts arousal and combats erectile dysfunction. Red meat contains zinc, which slows down the production of prolactin, thereby educing some sexual dysfunctions.

Even pizza has some benefits! That high calorie pie actually helps you to have a great O. The cheese on the pizza contains magnesium, a mineral muscles need in order to contract (spasm) during orgasm. Put some healthy vegetables on the pizza like mushrooms and broccoli. They contain vitamin A which gets you gets your motor started and running you both to the boudoir!

Bon apetit!

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